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A Day in Boston

Hey Everyone! I visited my best friends this past weekend in Massachusetts, and we decided to spend Saturday in the city! I am going to share where to go, what to do and most importantly, what to eat while in Boston! Breakfast: We started the day off at Tatte (pronounced like latte), which I am still… Continue reading A Day in Boston


Working in Childcare Expectations vs. Reality

Hey Everyone! Working in childcare can be tough, and is a lot different than some people think. I am going to talk about two different expectations people may have about working in childcare and their realities. I have personally had people ask me what I do and then respond with, "Oh it must be fun… Continue reading Working in Childcare Expectations vs. Reality

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Budget Friendly Spring Amazon Wish List

Hey Everyone! I am so excited that it is finally spring, and have been craving warmer weather! I can't wait for sundresses, wedges and decorating our house once I move to NC so I thought I'd share what I'm loving and wanting! I shared a few weeks ago my favorite Amazon buys and got great feedback… Continue reading Budget Friendly Spring Amazon Wish List

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1 Jean Jacket, 3 Outfits

Hey Everyone! It's officially Spring! Maine may not have gotten the memo yet, but I've been day dreaming of warmer weather! One of my FAVORITE accessories during these in-between seasons is my Levi's jean jacket! I think denim is so versatile, and what better way to wear it than in jacket format?! Here are three easy… Continue reading 1 Jean Jacket, 3 Outfits

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What a Week It’s Been

Hey Everyone! As I sit here and write this post I feel so exhausted. I also sit here very content, excited and with a grateful heart. I've recently spent a lot of time with family and my boyfriend is visiting Maine for the first time this weekend! I am so excited I can hardly contain… Continue reading What a Week It’s Been


Being a Nanny vs. Working in a Childcare Center

Hey Everyone! If you haven't read some of my previous posts you may not know that I am currently a nanny for twins! They are almost 10 months old, and are the sweetest little boys. You may also not know that while I was living in North Carolina I worked in a highly rated childcare… Continue reading Being a Nanny vs. Working in a Childcare Center


My Current Amazon Picks

Hey Everyone! If you are anything like me then you LOVE amazon. It is so convenient since they have everything you could need or want! I wanted to share with you some of my favorite essentials and fun things from amazon. *Disclaimer* - This post contains affiliate links, I have bought and tried every product.… Continue reading My Current Amazon Picks