Getting Through Quarantine


Hey Everyone!

This is such a weird time we are going through. People are being urged to stay inside, for as long as possible. How are you supposed to keep your sanity while staying at home, is it possible? Here are a few things I am doing to stay sane:

1. It’s not a vacation:

Don’t treat your time home like a vacation. Make a game plan for your day, and tick things off your list! Even if your to-do list consists of dishes, laundry, sweeping and getting outside.


2. Come up with some on-going projects:

Think of some things that you can do around your house, home improvement is never a bad idea! I have a few pieces of furniture and planters that I need to refinish and paint. I think I may add some bigger projects to my list, like painting a few rooms in my house. You can order so many materials online for numerous different projects! I hope to share some tutorials on a couple of my projects, so stay tuned!

3. Get outside:

This may seem super simple, but honestly it’s what has kept me most sane and happy. Walk, run, sun bathe, exercise, or simply drink your coffee on your porch. The fresh air and vitamin D will be medicine for your soul! I’ve been really enjoying doing my exercises outside, as well as taking walks.

4. Start a new workout routine:

It can be as simple as trying new yoga moves from youtube videos, or trying a new workout program. Switching things up can be a fun way to have something new and exciting going on. I started the Sarah’s Day Sweat it to Shred it 8 week program last week and I’m loving it! The workouts are challenging and rewarding, and it has been giving me a new excitement for being active! It also helps to have a buddy to do this with. My best friend is also doing the program, so we talk everyday about the workouts and keep each other accountable!


5. Stay in contact:

While you may not be able to grab a coffee with your bestie, or dinner with your family – make sure to talk to them often! I make sure to talk to at least one person a day on the phone or on facetime. My family also has a group text going on where we send each other pictures and chat throughout the day.

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy, and only going out when totally necessary!  I cannot wait for things to go back to normal, but until then I will enjoy this time at home. I hope you do too!

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