Hey, I’m back!


Hey everyone!

LOOOONNGGG time no talk! I haven’t written a blog post since October, eek! Things have been super busy since then. I got a new job, had family visit for a couple of weeks in November, did my Christmas shopping later than ever, flew to New England on Christmas day and visited so many people, got sick multiple times from all of the germs at work and finally feeling like I’ve got my groove back!

First things first, my job! I started working at a childcare center in the beginning of November. I am full-time in one of the infant classrooms, so it’s exactly what I’m used to! Being on a rotating schedule has been a little hard to adjust to, and makes the weeks pretty tiring. With it finally being warm out and the days getting longer the 30 minute commute has definitely gotten easier.

Being able to see my family in November and December was such a blessing. My mom and brother drove throught the night to stay with us two weeks before Thanksgiving. Although my brother was only able to stay until Monday before he had to fly out for work, we made the best of our time! It seems like he has had bad luck with the weather here whenever he visits. It rained the ENTIRE weekend! So instead of walking on the beach and going for a boat ride, we went bowling and went on an adventure to Southport! My mom was able to stay for two whole weeks, which was so great! We took a weekend trip to Tennessee to get my grandmother and then celebrated Thanksgiving at my house. It was so fun hosting my first holiday in our home and was even better having my family and Ryan’s under one roof! Christmas was a whirlwind of traveling, and Ryan is such a trooper for it! He met SO MANY new people, I can’t even keep track. We started by taking two planes to get to Boston, jumped on a bus to the amtrack station, then a train to get to my aunt’s town. My mom picked us up there and we hit the ground running! We went from a little south of the city, to near Cape Cod then northern Mass to stay at my brothers for a night and all the way to my mom’s in Maine. We saw both sides of my family and some of my friends back home.

Now that Spring is FINALLY in the air, the days are getting longer, and the weather is getting warmer I feel myself having more energy and wanting be outside all the time! I am a summer girl for sure, I thrive in the sunshine a warm weather. Winters have always been a little hard for me because I miss the sunshine! The super short days are just not my favorite. I cannot wait to spend long days on the boat, get the house decorated for spring and switch out my sweaters and boots for shorts and sandals!

I am going to try my best to post as often as possible and to share some fun stuff along the way. I will also be posting a lot on my instagram, so make sure to follow!

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