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Hey everyone!

Next week is the official start of fall, which means cooler weather should be on the way (hopefully)! It may still feel like summer here in NC but I have been so excited to decorate for fall. This year I wanted to focus on a more neutral color pallet, instead of bright oranges and reds. *The links are not affiliate, so I won’t get a commision. I just want to share some goodies!*

Let’s start outside, the front porch:


I started out wanting to base the outdoor decorations around this awesome wooden wine crate that I got from my aunt. I got the adorable welcome mat at hobbly lobby for 50% off, making it only $10! I am still on the hunt for a gingham or striped rug to put under it. That amazing lantern has been featured in my Instagram stories before, but I decided to move it outside for the fall. If you are an NC local, you NEED to check out The Old Farm Shed in Burgaw (also check out her Facebook, she is constantly adding pictures). She has the best home stuff, and some adorable clothes as well! The lantern came from there, the glass hurricane from Target and the flameless candle from Amazon. I love this candle because it is on a timer, and turns on every night around 6pm and shuts off around 11pm. My hope was to have ALL white pumpkins, but I was only able to find small ones, but I am happy with the outcome! I know someone that grows pumpkins, so I got my hands on half a dozen other orange pumpkins that are lining the stairs up to the porch.

A work in progress, the entry:


I got these adorable pillows for the entry bench, and I am in love! I was about to give up on the idea for pillows when all I was finding were bright colors and pillows with words like “Thankful” and “Gather”. Which no judgement, but I am just not a fan. I was so happy when I stumbled upon this neutral pumpkin pillow at Hobby Lobby, and even happier when I saw that it was marked down to about $15! I almost caved and bought a burgundy velvet pillow to go with it (also at Hobby Lobby), but I am glad I didn’t because this striped one is dreamy and can go from season to season! I found it in the most unlikely place, ALDI! It was only $6.99, and the quality is amazing! I didn’t even bother taking a photo of the other half of the entry, because it is not finished. I have a plastic set of drawers where an entry table needs to be. I have been scowering the internet looking for the perfect fit, and have been unsuccesful thus far. To see the few things I put on that side head to my instagram, and check out my “Fall” Highlight bubble!

Coffee table centerpiece:


Someday I will finish the project of refinishing my coffee table, but for now this adorable decoration is just sitting on a side table. I had this bowl, and actually used it for my summer centerpiece. I just loved this vase filler when I saw it at Hobby Lobby, and it makes the perfect simple filler for this bowl. I added a simple white candle and voila!

My favorite of them all, the dining table centerpiece:



Y’all, I can barely explain how much I love how this thing turned out. I got this amazing long, skinny crate from my aunt with no ideas of what to do with it. Once I had the want to decorate for Fall it just clicked, “This thing would be amazing filled with pumpkins!”. I found these adorable white pumpkins at Trader Joes for 69 cents a piece and the larger ones in bags of three at walmart for under $3! I added spanish moss at the bottom of the crate so the pumpkins would stick out a little more. Don’t worry, I didn’t go and pick it off a tree –  I don’t want bugs crawling out of my centerpiece. I found bags of moss at the dollar store, and three packs is all it took!  The little boxwood/eucalyptus stems came from the Target dollar section, which I might end up adding more. I already had the white candles, so this was a very inexpensive centerpiece to put together. I took a picture a little too soon, because I ended up wrapping the center candle with some rafia for some more texture.

Let’s talk about the amazing-ness that is Bullseye’s Playground at Target:

These are just a few of the great fall items that are currently at Target, ranging from $1 to $5. I think I might have to go back to get those cute appetizer plates (2 for $3) and kitchen towels (set of 2 for $3). Links for: LED ceramic houses and  LED metal houses, The other things are not available online so you’ll have to check your Target!


Excuse my messy trunk, living near the beach equals sand in my car constantly. These are the few things I did end up with from Target. Those are the boxwood/eucalyptus stems I used in the centerpiece (these are also a great deal). That ADORABLE metal lantern was only $5, and has an LED candle in it! I currently have that and the gingham flannel pumpkins in my entryway. The tall brown glass vase was giving me some serious Joanna Gaines vibes, and I actually saw an almost identical one with a lid in her fall Hearth & Hand collection! This one was only $3, instead of $10.

I hope you enjoyed checking out my fall decor, and maybe even got some inspiration! Every share and likes helps me tremendously and is greatly appreciated. Show some love here, on Pinterest or on Instagram!

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