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Easy Braided Bun Tutorial



Hey Everyone!

I shared a quick tutorial on my Instagram stories yesterday on a cute, easy hairstyle. This is my go-to when I HAVE to put my hair up (oily hair, going on the boat, etc.). I LOVE this style because it stays put for hours!

Music: Sunny  By: Iksonofficial

So as you can tell I am not a professional at video tutorials lol. But this is a haristyle I do often, and have gotten comments on so I thought I’d share! I use these hairties day to day, and did for the bun itself. (I used a normal elastic for the initial ponytail, as I didn’t care if it creased my hair). Here is the dry shampoo I used right before doing the bun, it definitely helps!

Step By Step:

  1. Dry shampoo! This is the best haristyle for when your hair is in need of a wash, but you don’t have time! (or let’s be real, the energy to wash it)
  2. Pull hair into a high pony. I LOVE my buns to be on the top of my head!
  3. Braid hair, I know I did it vertically in the video but it is easiest to flip your head upside down to braid it!
  4. Wrap the braid around to make a bun and use an elastic (the curly plastic ones are best for this), or bobby pin ends if your hair isn’t crazy thick like mine.
  5. Pull hair in front of bun to create volume and pull out some loose hairs!
  6. This bun is super cute with a hair scarf as well!


This bun makes the best boat/beach hair!


I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial! You can tag me on instagram if you try it out! ♥ @east.coastgirl

xo SignatureIMG_2358


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