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Hey Everyone!

I am so sorry that I have been so MIA over the last couple of weeks!! I’ve been really trying to focus my energy on getting settled in to my new surroundings, and spending time with Ryan! We had such an amazing weekend, I just thought I would share!

Going into the weekend we had zero plans. Ry was going to fish with a couple of friends super early Saturday morning for a few hours, and I wanted to sleep in. When he got home we relaxed for a bit and then decided to take some friends up on an offer to go camping! We were asked the night before, but weren’t feeling like putting in the effort to pack, gas up the boat, load the boat, put the boat in the water and go out to the island to camp. I am SO GLAD that we changed our minds and ended up going! After two hours of packing things up and making sure we had enough food, drinks and sunscreen we were on our way to the boat ramp!

This might be one of my favorite pictures of us 
Our boat (far left) anchored next to our friends boats

We were in such a rush to get out to the island that we almost forgot to relax and enjoy our boat ride together, which is one of my favorite things. Ryan quickly slowed the boat and said “Look! A Dolphin!”, we immediatley relaxed and took in the moment as we watched the dolphin swim down the waterway. We finally got out to the island where everyone was, around 5 or 6 and the fun began right away! We hung out with friends for a few hours just relaxing in the water and talking. As the sun was setting we walk to the other side of the island and did some surf fishing. Ryan caught a really nice Red Drum, which we brought back to the campsite and cooked! The least fun part of this trip was setting up our tent in near dark, with the wind whipping around us. We were, however grateful that we decided to bring a 4 inch memory foam mattress pad with us to sleep on (we rolled it up with bungee cords and then wrapped it in trash bags so it wouldn’t get wet on the boat ride). The night continued with cooking hotdogs and marshmallows on the fire and hanging out! I was about ready to go to sleep when the guys decided they wanted to go gigging. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s when you fish with a spear. Ryan convinced me to jump on the boat with them so I could see what it was all about. So at 12:30 in the morning we turned on the underwater spotlights and gigged some flounder!

The next morning Ry got up at 5 am to fish in the surf again and caught two more Red Drum, which he actually had to let go because they were too big to keep! We then slowly got things packed up, made breakfast and were hanging out when we got a call from a friend, who wanted us to come flying with him. I was so apprehensive about it because I had never flown in a tiny plane before, just big commercial planes. After talking about it for a while we decided to go for it, because how often does something like this come up?! We were in a MAJOR time crunch, we had to get the boat to the ramp, out of the water, back to the house, get cleaned up and then had a 45 minute drive to the airport – all in 2 HOURS! Of course on the one day we were in a rush to get the boat out of the water the boat ramp was mobbed! It took us 40 minutes waiting in line to get the boat out, when we can usually drive the truck right up and get the boat out of the water in about 5 minutes. We made it home and got changed, jumped in my car and were on our way!

Nervous, but excited!

We made it to the airport with seconds to spare, our adventurous weekend was far from over! Nick gave us the safety information and told us a little about the plane before we took off. When I say this plane was tiny I mean it was            T I N Y!! There was room for four people but it was crowded with the three of us. My nerves settled as soon as we were up in the air, it was so amazing! I have always loved flying, but when you’re in a huge plane all you can see is out of a tiny window, in the plane I had a 360 degree view of everything around us! We flew towards the beach, took a sharp turn and flew parallel to it! This was by far the coolest part, because we flew over the waterway we were just in with the boat! We did another sharp turn and headed back to the airport. My nerves started to grow again as we were about to land. I honestly did not like landing at all! There’s just something about seeing the landing strip out of the window in front of you growing closer and closer that is just unsettling. Once we were safely back on the ground we were able to take some pictures in front of the plane and then headed home to take a much-needed nap.

Out the left side – look at all of the boats in the waterway! It was so cool to fly over the water we were in just hours before!
Out the right side of the plane – such a panoramic view of beauty! 
I’m thinking we need to hang this one!

It was such an amazing weekend, and is one we will always remember. We talked about it later that night and how it was like we were living some crazy lifestyle where we could do whatever we want. I know not every weekend will be that adventure filled (which I’m really okay with, it’s exhausting) but I am SO grateful to have shared those moments together.

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