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Bargain Shopping for Fashionable Pieces


Hey Everyone!

Any of my friends can tell you that I’m a girl who loves a good deal! I LOVE clothing, accessories and shoes, and if you look in my closet it is full of things I didn’t pay full price for. I want to share some of my tips and tricks for finding the best deals with you.

Tip #1: Head straight to the sale rack!

This may seem like a no brainer, but I always go straight to the stuff that’s deeply discounted, instead of focusing on new items (usually in the front of the store) that are full-priced, or have a very small discount. This can depend on which stores you’re shopping, but you’ll get to know which stores have the best sale racks. For me, I love Jcrew Factory. They have the BEST sale items! I have gotten jeans for under $20 in their sale rack!

Tip #2: Take advantage of student discounts!

Always ask if a store offers a student discount at checkout. Jcrew Factory offers a 15% student discount on top of any other discounts, which is another reason they are one of my favorite places to shop! Some stores may ask to see your student ID, but if you don’t have yours with you, offer your student email (they will most likely accept). I graduated last year, but am still able to use my college email at most places without showing ID.

Tip #3: Consignment and second-hand!

Don’t be afraid to dig through racks at second-hand stores to find great pieces! My biggest tip here is to find one or two stores that you absolutely love, and go often. My favorite place is Clothes Mentor in Wilmington. I bring a few bags of clothes there to sell, which can be hit or miss depending on their stock and the time of day. This place in particular gives you a percentage (it’s either 20 or 30%) more in store credit than cash, which I always take! You also have to know the value of things while shopping second hand, as I have seen things priced poorly. Always check the wear and tear on items, and if you see something wrong with an item that you’re interested in, you can always ask for an additional discount! Also, don’t be afraid to look at jewelry and shoes at second hand places. I have found never worn clothes, shoes and jewelry (tags still attached) for such good prices!

All of these were $12 a piece. Old Navy white denim jeans (with original tags), Lucky Brand denim shorts, Lilly Pulitzer shorts.

Tip #4: Know what is a good deal at full-price!

I rarely pay full price for things, but when I do I think of how much it would be at other stores or if it is truly worth the money. I will pay full price if it is something that is unique and adorable at local boutiques, it’s great to support local businesses, so I don’t mind paying a little more at places like this. Another thing I will pay full-price for is accessories. My FAVORITE place to get earrings is World Market. They have a section that has jewelry for $4.99 (in store only), and their other jewelry is reasonably priced and great quality!


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