Let’s Catch Up!

Hey Everyone!

Wow, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted on the blog! I’ve been so crazy busy with packing, moving a thousand miles, unpacking and adjusting to life here!

Let’s back track to two weeks ago. I was still in Maine and preparing for my move. I had my last day at work with the twins I nannied and it was hard to say goodbye! It honestly feels like a month ago, because I haven’t stopped to catch my breath since! I spent the two days after finishing up at work packing and moving out of my apartment in Portland and headed to my mom’s house. If that wasn’t enough work already, I had to go through her entire house and find all of my random belongings that were still there. I spent most of last week packing up my summer clothes, shoes and other random things. I had dinner at a couple of local places in Bethel and said goodbyes to friends before hitting the road!

My grandmother’s car all packed up

We started the journey out in my car and my mom’s car and drove to my grandmother’s house in southern Massachusetts. Once we arrived we moved everything from my mom’s car to my grandmother’s car, which was a serious workout! We did this because her car is slightly bigger, and more comfortable for my grandmother to ride in. With the excitement of the big move building, I had a hard time sleeping. I was so anxious to just get on the road and get to North Carolina and my amazing boyfriend! I ended up sleeping a little less than 5 hours before we woke up at 2:30am to get ready. Once my aunt arrived, all four of us (and the dog) jumped in the two very packed cars and hit the road at 3:30!

It was such a L O N G day travelling, but we made it safely to North Carolina at 9pm after a few good stops to stretch, eat and walk the dog. We lucked out with the weather and avoided the rain that we were sure we were going to get. We spent time shopping and relaxing on the beach. It was so nice to spend time with my family and Ryan, and I am forever grateful for all of them! It was hard to say goodbye to my family when it came time for them to leave Monday morning. It makes me sad to think that I won’t be a car ride away from them anymore, but I am incredibly excited for this new chapter of my life. I can’t wait to visit Maine soon, and to have family and friends come down south to visit!

It’s been all sunshine and smiles with this guy!

As far as this week has gone I’ve been slowly unpacking, organizing and spending time with Ryan. I can’t even describe how happy I am to be living in the same state as him! The last several months have been difficult being so far away from each other, but it was all worth it to be here today!

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