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A Day in Boston

Hey Everyone!

I visited my best friends this past weekend in Massachusetts, and we decided to spend Saturday in the city! I am going to share where to go, what to do and most importantly, what to eat while in Boston!


We started the day off at Tatte (pronounced like latte), which I am still drooling over the amazing breakfast we had. If you are going to eat anywhere in Boston, you need to go here! When we first walked in the line was so long and all of the tables were full. This was obviously a sign that this place was going to be amazing, but we also thought we would be waiting a while. We couldn’t decide what to get, so we ended up ordering two meals and a chocolate croissant to share. Let me just say, I could eat at this place every. single. day. I absolutely loved the french toast, which was not your average french toast at all! It was covered in a whipped ricotta topping, fresh raspberry jam, strawberries and sliced almonds. Oh, and did I mention that the bread was like an inch and a half thick?! We also ordered an avocado toast that had a lemon dressed arugula salad and fresh poached egg on top. I don’t think you could go wrong ordering anything from here, plus the coffee was amazing!

IMG_3262 2.JPG
Besties! Loved spending time with Skye and Lexi!
The most amazing breakfast from Tatte

Newbury Street, Faneuil Hall and the Boston Public Market:

If you’re into shopping, Boston has got you covered! While there is a lot of other stuff to do, I always like to do a bit of shopping when I’m in the city. Newbury Street is home to adorable boutiques and high-end stores like Burberry and Tiffany & Co. I love Newbury Street because the architecture is beautiful and it’s nice to be outdoors! If the higher end stores aren’t quite in your budget, then there are stores like H&M and Zara. I ended up spending a whopping $6.52 on a dress at H&M. From Newbury Street we walked to the Boston Public Market. If you love farmers markets then you will LOVE the Boston Public Market! This was actually the first time I had gone, and was pleasantly surprised! I had always pictured it being an indoor farmers market with folding tables, boy was I wrong! Although there are different businesses throughout the market, they are there permanently! We got a delicious smoothie at Mother Juice before heading to our next stop. A short walk and we were at Faneuil Hall. We went into stores like Gap, Urban Outfitters and American Eagle. Even if you’re not looking to spend money in stores don’t fret! Faneuil Hall is 1. Beautiful and 2. a great place to walk around and grab a bite to eat. Since the weather was so beautiful it felt so nice to sit out in the sun and enjoy our surroundings. Another place to shop in the City is Copley place, which is similar to the shops on Newbury Street but indoors. We didn’t spend much time there since we were just wasting time while we waited for our dinner reservation.

Me and Skye on Newbury Street
Community tables in the Market
Lexi in the Boston Public Market, isn’t she the cutest?!
Quincy Market at Faneuil Hall


Walking Around and What to do:

Since we were only spending one day in the city we mostly just walked around and took in the sights. I had been in the city a bunch of times before, so didn’t really want or need to do the touristy things. The Boston Common is one of those places that just makes you happy! What I didn’t know about the common, is that’s it’s America’s oldest park! It’s been open since 1634, which is just incredible. If you have kids there is a splash pad area, merry-go-round and wide open spaces to run wild. I love this park because you will see couples walking hand in hand, kids roller skating, friends playing frisbee and people just having fun! Lexi and I took advantage of the beautiful scenery for some great pictures! Another must-see is the waterfront. Boston’s waterfront is absolutely beautiful, and even if you just walk to the water to take pictures, I recommend! The New England Aquarium is such a fun thing to do with, or without kids! We were shocked at how many people were in line buying tickets when we were there because it was such a nice day outside! **Insider tip alert** If you don’t want to spend the time and money going through the aquarium (which I would recommend doing it if it’s a rainy day), you can walk around the aquarium on the outside! You’re probably thinking that it doesn’t sound very exciting to walk around the outside of an aquarium, but what a lot of people don’t know is that you can still see some stuff! Near the entrance of the aquarium there is a tank of harbor seals, this is seriously my favorite thing because they love to show off. I could stand there forever just watching them! As you walk around the aquarium you can enjoy the views of the water and all of the sailboats in the warmer weather. On the backside of the aquarium you can actually see into the “Marine Mammal Center”. My friend and I stood and watched for quite a while. You can watch as the Northern Fur Seals and California Sea Lions play in the water and lounge poolside. If you are spending a few days in Boston I would also suggest taking a Duck Boat Tour and going to a Red Sox game in Fenway Park. If you haven’t been into Boston before you should definitely invest in doing a Duck Boat Tour, since it’s an 80 minute tour of Boston’s historic streets and the Charles River.

Loving the warm weather on the Boston Common


The “Marine Mammal Center” from outside of the aquarium, the seals were putting on a show for us!

Rooftop Bars:

Boston is a beautiful city, so going to a rooftop bar is almost a must. My friend and I had planned to go to Lookout Rooftop and Bar, which has amazing views and igloos that you can sit in. As we approached the building we could see how packed it was so we went to plan b. We ended up at Yotel Sky Bar and were glad we did! Since the bar opened at 4pm and we showed up at 4:10 we got right in and actually got seats outside! We were starving from walking around all day and the fact that we hadn’t eaten since breakfast around 10am that we ended up eating. We were both pleasantly surprised with the food and I would recommend it! That paired with the views, and atmosphere make this a super fun place to hang with friends!

Soaking in the sunshine at the Yotel Sky Bar

Best Tapas in the City:

Since we had a super late lunch, we weren’t starving for a full meal at dinner time. We decided on Barcelona Wine Bar. This place was so impressive, and I want to go back! The only thing that I STRONGLY suggest is that you make reservations in advance! We called around 5pm and they were fully booked for the night! They did say that if you come in person and put your name in that they will give you a call when you are close to the top of the list. We decided to go for it, since we weren’t starving and didn’t mind waiting. The best part about this is that we were able to leave and come back in time for our name to be called. While we waited, a whole hour and a half (insert eye roll emoji) we walked to Copley place and bought some Godiva chocolates for after dinner. Once back at Barcelona we grabbed a drink at the very busy bar and were seated about twenty minutes later. I ordered a white sangria and Lexi got a red sangria, which were both amazing! I wish we had both been starving so that we could have ordered a table full of tapas! We ended up ordering “Albondigas” which are spiced meatballs in a ham-tomato sauce and “Patatas Bravas” which were cubed, crispy potatoes over salsa brava and covered with a garlic aioli. HOLY COW I could have eaten three orders of those potatoes!! I would HIGHLY recommend Barcelona for an intimate adult environment with incredible food and drinks!

I hope you all enjoyed our adventure, and as always would love your feedback! What are some of your favorite things to do in Boston?

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