Being a Tourist in my Home State

Hey Everyone!

I can’t believe how fast the past five days have gone! My boyfriend Ryan flew to Maine on Thursday to visit for the first time. It was so important to both of us that he saw my home state before I moved back down south to NC. We did so many different things, had tons of fun and made new, amazing memories. One of the best parts of his visit was that we had no plans other than skiing on Sunday. The rest of his visit was left for exploring, and it was so great!

Friday: Freeport Maine

Friday was pretty rainy in the morning, so we took our time waking up and making breakfast before heading out to explore. We decided to head to Freeport to check out the outlet stores, and of course L.L. Bean! The weather ended up to be beautiful once we were there, so it was nice enough to walk around without jackets. We took the obligatory pictures in front of the giant Bean Boot before checking out almost every square foot of the store. Of course we ended up snagging some great deals at the outlet store. Like a pair of Bean Boots for only $73, a rain jacket for $40, a ski layer for me that was only $12 and a few more great finds! Ryan loved how authentic the store was, and liked seeing all of the memorabilia on the walls and displays. I loved seeing his excitement to see what Maine has to offer!

Saturday: Back to Freeport and then to the Old Port!

We woke up on Saturday wanting to see a ton of things around the Portland area. Plans changed a bit when Ryan was putting on an L.L. Bean wind breaker (in above photos) that I bought him for Christmas and one of the snaps popped off. After finding the pieces of the snap and unsuccessfully trying to put it back together we decided to head back to Freeport to see if they could help us out. With no questions asked an associate helped us locate another jacket to replace it we were on our merry way! I must say that L.L. Bean has AMAZING customer service. Although it took a little while to find a replacement, they swapped the broken one for the new one in 20 seconds at the counter and sent us off with smiles! We stopped at an amazing oil store, Fiore to get my mom’s favorite olive oil as a thank you for letting us stay with her to go skiing and then headed back to Portland. We stopped at the Eastern Promenade to look out over the water and take some beautiful photos. After being nearly blown away by the wind we drove to the Old Port to pick up some Lobsters! Since it was Ryan’s first time in Maine we really wanted to get some fresh off the boat Maine Lobsters! Once back at my apartment with a cooler full of lobsters we loaded up the car with our stuff and the dog and headed to my mom’s in Bethel. We feasted on homemade fish chowder and lobsters until we were completely stuffed!

Sunday: Sunday River

We woke up early Sunday morning, made lunches, packed the car and headed to the mountain! I had never skied with Ryan before and was so excited! We had so much fun skiing all around Sunday River. We of course had to stop at the waffle cabin to get a hot waffle, covered in melted chocolate – YUM! We skied most of the day, until about 2:30 and went to the Foggy Goggle for some Apre Ski drinks and appetizers. To say it was a fun-filled, exhausting day is an understatement because we fell asleep as soon as we got back to my apartment around 8 and stayed asleep until the next morning!

Monday: Portland Head Lighthouse and See You Soon

On our last day together we decided to make a nice breakfast and do some more exploring before we had to get Ry to the airport for his 5:45 flight. I plugged in the Portland Head Lighthouse on my phone and followed the directions, only to be taken to the wrong place! This was a happy accident though because we ended up at the Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse. We explored for a while and walked out on the jetty to see the lighthouse up close. After finding the correct address to the Portland Head Lighthouse we drove less than 10 minutes, by some amazingly beautiful waterfront homes and arrived! Man am I glad we layered that day, because the wind was FREEZING! We took too many pictures to even count and explored all over the rocks. We found some pretty neat stuff that had washed ashore, like old metal pieces from ships, sea glass and shells. If you are going to do one thing near Portland that isn’t shopping or eating it needs to be this lighthouse! It takes my breath away and amazes me, and it’s only 20 minutes away from my apartment! I think the best part of this whole day was to see Ryan’s excitement over the beauty of the Maine coast. One thing is for sure, he is going to want to visit Maine as much as I will after I move down south! Our exploration was cut way too short when we realized the time and had to rush back to my apartment to get Ryan’s things. We were blessed with thirty extra minutes due to a flight delay and then had to head to the airport. It was such a hard goodbye and I definitely left the airport with a heavy heart. The one thing that made the goodbye easier was that the next time we see each other it will be when I’m moving back to North Carolina!

Overall, this was the best weekend I have had in a very long time and solidified our bond even more. I loved showing Ryan my home state and the tiny town I grew up in. Although I can’t wait to move down south and live with my best friend, I know that Maine will always be a place we come back to.

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