A Weekend in Portland, ME

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IMG_2359.PNGHey Everyone!

This past weekend was disgusting weather wise, but that didn’t stop me from getting out and doing some of my favorite things! My mom drove down from my hometown (about and hour and a half) on Saturday and we hit the ground running!


It’s pretty funny that the first place we wanted to go was to Trader Joe’s, I think it just shows how much we love food (and a good deal)! Since my hometown is such a small town, Portland’s Trader Joe’s is actually the closest one. So whenever my mom is in town it is a MUST! We both stocked up on our favorite wines, seriously if you haven’t bought wine at Trader Joe’s you’re missing out. We also got some things to make dinner and some snack food for watching the Oscars on Sunday! If you love Trader Joe’s I would love to know some of your favorites!

From Trader Joe’s we went down to the Old Port, which is a must if you are visiting Portland from out of town. We walked around a bit, went into an adorable consignment shop and went to dinner. You all NEED to check out Material Objects if you want great deals on awesome second-hand clothes, shoes and vintage wear! I scored some barely worn Joe’s jeans for $24 and an adorable Madewell sweater for only $12!

Check out these adorable hot pepper shaped lights that cover the ceiling in Taco Escobarr!

Now let’s talk food – Portland Maine was voted #1 restaurant city in America in 2018 by Bon Apetit. So to say there are great restaurants is an understatement! We chose to go to our favorite place for Margaritas, in celebration of National Margarita Day the day before. At Taco Escobarr we enjoyed the most mouth-watering margaritas, mine was prickly pear and my mom got a blood orange one. We shared two meals so that we could have some variety and it was amazing!


Sunday was the grossest day we’ve had in a while, it started out by snowing and was SO windy and then it turned into pouring rain for the rest of the day! Usually this weather would make me want to be a couch potato all day, but I did not want to be stuck in my apartment! My mom and I went downtown to the Old Port again and got The Holy Donut where we got the best potato donuts.

To escape the rain we decided to do some shopping, our favorite thing to do. We headed to South Portland and walked around Target, Christmas Tree Shop (such a northern thing!) and finished off with Homegoods before heading back to my apartment to sip on some mimosas!

Overall it was a great weekend and I am loving being near my mom for the first time in three years! I am soaking up every opportunity I can before moving back down to the sunny south!

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