30 Things About Me



Hey Everyone!

I figured I’d introduce myself a little more! Here are 30 things to help you get to know me!

Let’s Start Simple:

  1. I am 22, almost 23 years old

2. I was born and raised in a very small town in Maine

3. I have the most amazing boyfriend!

4. I have an older brother who currently lives in Massachusetts with his girlfriend

Growing up in ME:

5. I learned to ski when I was 5, it’s one of my favorite things!

IMG_09916. I did gymnastics when I was younger

7. I broke my elbow and wrist doing gymnastics, taking me out of the sport. I had 10 pins in my arm and have BIG scars to prove it!

8. I taught children how to ski all through high school in a program called Rugrats

9. I was a part of the “outing club” at my highschool. This is honestly the best thing I did in during school! We would hike EVERYDAY and go on overnight camping trips on some weekends, we even did white water rafting trips

10. I took a semester off of college after attending for only one semester

11. I moved 1,000 miles away from home when I was 19

Things I LOVE:

12. My happy place is the beach!

13. I LOVE the water! Whether it be the ocean, a pond or a pool you can find me          splashing around like the mermaid I am

14. I love to go camping and be outdoors

15. My dog’s name is Rem, I adopted him from a shelter during my senior year of high school and he has been my support and side kick since!

16. White wine is my go to drink

17. My favorite TV show is Friends, I’ve binge watched it on Netflix WAY too many times

18. My favorite movie is Dirty Dancing, nobody puts baby in a corner!

19. My favorite place in Maine other than my hometown is Acadia National Park (seriously go if you haven’t been)

20. My favorite place down south other than the Wilmington area is Charleston, SC. They also have the most amazing wine and food festival every spring!

21. I have the BIGGEST sweet tooth, but now that I am lactose intolerant I have a hard time finding substitutions for my cravings

Wrightsville Beach

Life in NC:

22. I worked at an amazing childcare center for almost three years, I worked mostly in the infant room

23. My roommate in North Carolina is from my hometown in Maine, we barely knew each other when we got an apartment together!

24. I went to my very first paid concert when I was 21 (sad, I know)

25. I went back to school and earned a degree in Early Childhood Education, I grew up wanting to work with children!

On the streets of Edinburgh


My (most exciting) travels:

26. I traveled to China when I was 14 years old with my Freshman class. I got to explore the Forbidden city, walk on the Great Wall and so much more!

27. I travelled to Scotland with my family this past September and it was a trip of a lifetime!

Right Now and the Future:

28. I am currently a full-time nanny for 9 month old twins. To say I have my hands full is an understatement, but I love it so much!

29. Although I moved back to Maine in May 2018 I plan to move back down south this coming May to be with my boyfriend

30. I can’t wait to see where life, and this blog takes me next!

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