Needing a Change



Hi Everyone!

Finding my own happiness has been an ongoing journey over the past few years. I have felt stuck at times, feeling as if I was just going through the motions of the day-to-day. I have had many realizations over the past few years where I have stopped myself to ask, “What is really making you happy right now?”. One of my biggest moments of feeling stuck was when I was taking a semester off of college and just working full time. I wasn’t happy with what I was doing and I just needed a change.

Making a change:

Who knew a simple phone call could change my future?! I was babysitting one Saturday morning and I decided to call my aunt Nancy who lived in North Carolina. I randomly asked, “What are you guys using your guest house for?”, and by the end of the phone call I had pretty much decided that I was going to take the biggest leap of faith and move a thousand miles away from home! It took me a while to find my place once I was there but once I did, man was I happy!


Finding my happy place in North Carolina:

After living in my aunt’s guest house and commuting thirty minutes into Wilmington everyday I decided to apartment search closer to school and work. I needed a roommate and moved in with a girl from my hometown in Maine who I didn’t know that well. We had a few mutual friends back home and had only met a handful of times. We found an amazing apartment with awesome amenities, and ended up having a great time together! I am so grateful for the experience of having an awesome roommate! During this already high point in my life I met my incredible boyfriend. Ryan has truly been supportive and encouraging of me, as I am of him. I’m excited to move back down south and make more memories together!

On my weekends or days off from school and work I spent my days doing things that made me happy. I had always loved the beach, but truly fell in love with it in my last semester of college. I would go their during the off season with my dog, get a smoothie or coffee from one of my favorite beach coffeeshops and just walk for hours. I would use this time to connect with nature and myself. I think this is and my amazing boyfriend are what I miss most about NC, and can’t wait to move back!

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